Bread Types: The Backbone of Every Sandwich

At the heart of every great sandwich is the bread; it’s essentially the foundation that holds everything together. From rustic ciabatta to hearty wholemeal to tangy sourdough, each bread type brings its own unique flavour and texture to your creation, whilst also enhancing the overall eating experience. Without the bread, a sandwich would be nothing but an unstructured pile of meat, cheese, toppings, and spreads.

Let’s explore some of the most popular types of bread and their best pairings. 

White Bread

This staple household item is a firm favourite for many people because of its soft texture and neutral flavour. White bread is highly versatile and works well alongside both sweet and savoury fillings – think classic combinations like peanut butter and jelly or simple yet satisfying ham and cheese. 

Wholemeal Bread

Wholemeal is a healthier alternative to white bread, usually rich in fibre and nutrients. Because it takes more time to digest, it can help you feel satisfied and provide you with more energy for longer. Its earthy flavour and chewy texture make wholemeal bread an excellent choice for sandwich fillings such as mature cheddar, roast beef, and hearty vegetables. This style of bread is perfect for those looking to switch to a more nutritional diet without compromising on taste. 


With its crispy crust and airy interior, ciabatta bread is ideal for Mediterranean-style sandwiches. It holds up well with wet ingredients, making it a great choice for moist fillings such as Italian ham, mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, or chicken and pesto. Whether it’s served fresh or toasted, ciabatta adds crunch and a rustic touch to any sandwich, regardless of what filling you prefer.


The French baguette, with its crispy crust and chewy, hole-ridden interior, is another endlessly versatile option. Baguettes are the ideal carrier for sub-style sandwiches filled with ingredients like ham, cheese, and pickles. Or pair with a classic French cheese such as brie or camembert – the crispy bread is the perfect foil for the soft, creamy filling. The firm structure ensures the baguette doesn’t become soggy, making this a popular bread choice for many. 


Prized for its unique, slightly sour flavour profile and chewy texture, sourdough is a great way to elevate your sandwich experience. Choose a filling that complements the bread’s bold flavour without overwhelming it, such as a classic Reuben with savoury corned beef, creamy Swiss cheese, tangy sauerkraut and rich Russian dressing. A combination of melted cheese and mushrooms also works well here – the rich cheese and earthy mushrooms harmoniously balance the vinegary tang of the bread.


A flatter Italian bread with a bubbly crumb and crispy crust, focaccia is rich with olive oil and herbs, making it a flavourful base for a variety of toppings. Its soft, chewy texture makes this style of bread perfect for open-faced sandwiches loaded with roasted vegetables, meats, and cheeses. Focaccia’s herby flavour, with delightful hints of salt and nuttiness, makes each bite a genuinely delightful experience.  

The Cutting

The way you slice your sandwich can make quite an impact on your eating experience. The triangular cut is the most preferred technique, allowing you to get more out of your sandwich and ensuring every bite is perfectly balanced. However, the best way depends on the bread type and fillings. Paninis, for example, should be cut right down the centre, whilst wraps may benefit from a diagonal cut to help showcase their colourful fillings. 

As always, there are no hard and fast rules here. Whatever bread you choose for the backbone of your next sandwich, we hope you enjoy it!