British Sandwich Week 2021

Taking place from 16th May, this year’s British Sandwich Week is being relaunched this year to support the industry as it comes back to some normality after a year of lockdowns – which is why we are focusing the Week on welcoming customers back to the world of sandwiches.

According to research by Lumina Intelligence 33% of consumers are bored with making the same lunches at home and are seeking inspiration and variety – so let’s welcome them back with great sandwiches to mark the occasion.

To support the Week, the Association has appointed a PR agency, Pretzel, to build a memorable media campaign around the theme ‘It’s been lonely without you’ and focusing on some of the exciting new sandwich ideas from this year’s Sandwich Designer of the Year Awards, the winners of which will be announced on 6th May.

The campaign will also be supporting members where we can by putting them forward for media opportunities with their local press and through social media channels – so do tell us about anything you are doing to mark the Week.

To further reach out to all those commuters returning to their offices around the country, we will be supporting the Week with a poster and animation campaign on key commuter stations around the major cities.   A draft of the poster image is attached.

Details of artwork you can use – and personalise – for posters will be circulated to members shortly.

We are also planning to send sample sandwiches to a number of key media to coincide with the week with the aim of getting them talking about the Week – if you would like to include samples with a press release – please visit our media hub for details as soon as possible.   We will be coordinating the delivery of these via a specialist chilled distribution service.

So, get ready to take advantage of British Sandwich Week in your business by coming up with some great new sandwich ideas – and please do tell us about them so that we can help you make the most of this promotional opportunity through social and other media channels. Send information to or simply share your social media posts with us and we’ll help spread the word.