British Sandwich Week 2024: This is Officially Britain’s Best Butty

It’s British Sandwich Week and food fans and sandwich aficionados across the nation are rejoicing.

Experts have revealed the nation’s ‘best’ sandwich and here’s what you need to make it!

A brioche roll filled with fresh, colourful ingredients, including black tiger prawns coated in a passion fruit and mango chilli dressing, fresh avocado slices, pink pickled onions, and diced mango, has been crowned Britain’s best sandwich in 2024. 

A panel of industry experts, including celebrity chef Theo Randall, tried out some of the UK’s greatest and most creative sandwiches at the annual Sandwich and Food to Go Designer of the Year competition, part of the Sammies (the Grammys of the sandwich world.) 

Named ‘The California Roll’, the sandwich that wowed the judges with its fresh ingredients bursting with colours and flavours, was created by James Burgess, innovation director of Freshcut Foods

The sandwich is an indulgent sunshine twist on the much-loved prawn cocktail, pulling fresh fruity flavours that work with the sweet delicate prawns.

Speaking of the win, James said:

“It’s an absolute honour to be shortlisted as a finalist, let alone be named the Sandwich and Food to Go Designer of the Year! It was a really tough competition, given every designer put forward their best creations, which were full to the brim with flavour. 

“I spent a lot of time working on the three creations which got me to the final. The California Prawn Roll, which won the title, brings Californian sunshine to the UK. I specifically chose ingredients which were full of colour, to make the creation as vibrant as I could – it really does taste as good as it looks. I also topped the sandwich with some caviar because why not! I don’t think the award win has truly sunk in just yet. All I can say is that I’m very proud!”

James Burgess, Freshcut Foods

Organised by the British Sandwich & Food to Go Association, the competition invites professionals from across the country to enter. The finalists gave it their all under the watchful eyes of an expert judging panel. The winners were announced during a glittering gala evening at the Royal Lancaster, London. 

Jim Winship, director of The British Sandwich & Food to Go Association, said:

“During the competition, we tasted some truly amazing food, with ingredients like pulled spiced lamb, horseradish mayonnaise and crispy cheese crackling, our chefs have managed to push the boundaries of innovation. All contestants should be enormously proud of themselves.

“James’ creation included ingredients that married together perfectly, and the judging panel remembered them all individually, even many sandwiches later, which made this creation stand out as the clear winner.”

Fancy making Britain’s best sandwich at home during British Sandwich Week? If so, these are the ingredients you’ll need: 


  • 1 Brioche Sub Roll 
  • 15g Cos Lettuce 
  • 25g Fresh Avocado Slice 
  • 95g Chopped Black Tiger Prawn with Passion Fruit & Mango Chilli Dressing 
  • 10g Fresh Diced Cucumber 
  • 10g Fresh Diced Mango 
  • 10g Diced Pink Pickled Onions 
  • 3g Caviar 
  • 1g Cress 

For the prawn dressing:

  • 250g Chopped Black Tiger Prawns 
  • 60g Cottage Delight – Passion Fruit & Mango Curd 
  • 50g Mayo 
  • 3g Korean Pepper Flake 
  • 15g Lime Juice 


  1. Mix together the ingredients to make passion fruit and mango chilli dressing and then add the cooked tiger prawns. Make sure you coat the prawns so you get a taste sensation in every mouthful! 
  2. Cut open a fresh brioche sub roll and spread a thin layer of the curd inside for extra punch. 
  3. Place the fillings in as follows: dressed prawns, avocado slices, diced cucumber, mango and pickled onions, caviar and top with fresh cress.

Happy British Sandwich Week – we hope you enjoy!