‘California Prawn Roll’ by James Burgess

Officially Britain’s Best!

A bouncy brioche roll, filled with black tiger prawns coated in a passion fruit and mango chilli dressing topped with slices of fresh fruit and vegetables has been crowned Britain’s best sandwich in 2024.


  • 1 Brioche Sub Roll

  • 15g Cos Lettuce

  • 25g Fresh Avocado Slice

  • 95g Chopped Black Tiger Prawn with Passion Fruit & Mango Chilli Dressing

  • 10g Fresh Diced Cucumber

  • 10g Fresh Diced Mango

  • 10g Diced Pink Pickled Onions

  • 3g Caviar

  • 1g Cress



  • 250g Chopped Black Tiger Prawns
  • 60g Cottage Delight – Passion Fruit & Mango Curd
  • 50g Mayo
  • 3g Korean Pepper Flake
  • 15g Lime Juice



1. Mix together the ingredients to make passion fruit and mango chilli dressing and then add the cooked tiger prawns. Make sure you coat the prawns so you get a taste sensation in every mouthful!

2. Cut open a fresh brioche sub roll and spread a thin layer of the curd inside for extra punch.

3. Place the fillings in as follows: dressed prawns, avocado slices, diced cucumber, mango and pickled onions, caviar and top with fresh cress.