Hello, Seaside by Sam Tebbatt

Winning Designer: Sam Tebbatt – Melton Foods

Sandwich Name: Hello, Seaside

The best sandwich in the Royal Greenland Category was inspired by the Great British seaside. Sam’s exquisitely presented sandwich came with a generous helping of nostalgia…and chip shop scraps. What’s not to love?


75g Royal Greenland – MSC Cooked and Peeled XL Cold Water Prawn
25g Crushed Peas
5g Peashoot Tendrils
25g Tartare Mayo
2 Slices Sourdough Bloomer
10g ‘Chip Shop Scraps’

Additional Ingredient Info:

Chip Shop Scraps

To be served separately;

  • In a ramekin if the customer is purchasing to eat in store
  • In a small recyclable pot if taking away

Method or Assembly Order:

  • Spread crushed peas on the top slice of bread
  • Spread tartare mayo on the bottom slice of bread
  • Add the prawns on top of the tartare mayo
  • Add the peashoot tendrils on top of the prawns
  • Add the top slice of bread
  • Slice in half from top crust to bottom
  • Chip shop scraps served separately