Making a Pig of Yourself by Gary McDowell

Winning Designer: Gary McDowell – Deli Lites

Sandwich Name: Making a Pig of Yourself

Combining pulled pork, vintage cheddar and Bramley apple and chilli salsa, within a deep-fried tortilla wrap, all of the judges agreed that Gary’s entry should scoop the top prize in the Mission Foods Category.


1 Mission Foods – Sage & Onion Tortilla
60g Sea Salt and Black Pepper Creamy Rice
60g Pulled Pork Shoulder
40g Mature Cheddar
10g Spinach
40g Bramley Apple and Chilli Salsa
20g Crispy Onion and Pork Crackling Mix
10g Sea Salt and Pork Crackling Dust

Additional Ingredient Info:

Creamy Black Pepper and Sea Salt Rice

Long grain rice, cream sauce, cracked black pepper, sea salt

Method or Assembly Order:

  • Place the rice mix across the centre of the tortilla
  • Place on the pulled pork
  • Add the spinach
  • Add the salsa
  • Add the cheese
  • Sprinkle with the onion and pork crackling mix
  • Fold in the sides and roll
  • Secure the flaps with cocktail sticks
  • Deep fry at 180 degrees, turning regularly, for 10 minutes or until heated through
  • Remove cocktail sticks and toss in the sea salt and pork crackling dust before serving