‘Posh Piggy’ by Sam Tebbatt

Do you love a bacon sarnie? Here is a posher version to try. Filled with smoked cooked streaky bacon, stewed apple, stilton custard and even candied bacon! One to try if you’re creative and want something different!


  • 100g Gierlinger – beechwood smoked cooked streaky bacon
  • 55g Candied bacon topped sourdough
  • 30g Bacon rashers for candied bacon
  • 25g Butter stewed apple
  • 45g Sourdough slice
  • 30g Stilton custard
  • 15g Bacon cracker
  • 100g Butter
  • 3x Egg whites
  • 350ml Milk
  • 90ml Crumbled stilton


Step 1: Chop up the bacon and fry it in a heavy-based pan.

Step 2: Deglaze the pan with white wine and maple syrup.

Step 3: Make a caramel with muscovado and caster sugar and add to the pan with bacon. Add a splash of white wine vinegar and bring to the boil. Stirring occasionally.

Step 4: Core three apples and roast for 10 minutes. Add 100g butter and cook for a further 30 minutes.

Step 5: Grill bacon rashers with maple syrup until the maple is thick and jammy. Cook in microwave for 30 seconds to harden. Cool and blend in a coffee grinder. You now have candied bacon.

Step 6: Whip 3 egg yolks & sugar into ribbons and cook. When thick add 350ml milk, cook until thickened- add 90g crumbled stilton. Blend. Cool.

Step 7: Cover 1 x Spring Roll paper in whisked egg white and sprinkle on 15g candied bacon. Dry for 30 mins & deep fry.

Step 8: Time to assemble. spread caramel on the bottom layer of sourdough. Crush apples, drain excess butter and place on top. Place your bacon rashers on top of the apples. Ta-dah!