The Great Sandwich Debate: Triangles Vs Rectangles

How to slice a sarnie has long been a contentious issue in homes across the country and it’s safe to say that the nation is divided. Do you go for the diagonal, slice horizontally straight down the middle, or choose a school packed-lunch style with squares? 

This age-old sandwich quandary has been settled by research for British Sandwich Week, taking place this year between 20-26 May 2024.

When it comes to preparing a sandwich at home, it seems that we Brits overwhelmingly go for the rectangle!

  • #TeamRectangle represents 39% of the nation
  • #TeamTriangle comes in second place with 30%
  • 20% of Brits are #TeamSquare
  • 11% of British sandwich lovers are ‘other’ – either on the fence and will flit between the two, don’t slice their sandwich at all, or opt for another shape. 

Age-wise, the over 35s tend to go for rectangles when making their favourite sarnie, with the biggest group being the 35- to 44-year-olds (44% opt for rectangles), and the younger generation (18- to 34-year-olds) prefer a triangular shaped sarnie. 

Bringing a new shape into the equation, 33% of 18- to 24-year-olds cut their sandwich into four squares – likely harking back to school lunch box days. 

Regionally, 46% of people the North East prefer a rectangular cut sandwich, closely followed by the North West with 43% of residents. Home sandwich-makers of London seem to want a square deal – as 26% of Londoners slice into squares. 

Jim Winship, director of The British Sandwich & Food to Go Association behind British Sandwich Week had this to say:

The nation is clearly divided when it comes to the perfect shape for a homemade sandwich, and it goes without saying that there are benefits to both rectangular and triangular sandwiches. 

The rectangle brings structural integrity, an easy grip, and no floppy corners, whilst triangular wedges are the most popular cut in the commercial sandwich world as they display well in chiller cabinets, and you can see more of the filling.

British Sandwich Week celebrates the sandwich in all its glory as well as the contribution that the sandwich sector makes to the economy. Sandwiches are a British staple to be enjoyed at any time of the day, whether homemade or shop-bought.

Jim Winship, BSA Director

Sandwiches can be enjoyed in all shapes and sizes and continue to remain a British staple, with thousands enjoyed in the UK every day. British Sandwich Week is the perfect time to go and grab one, or make your own and cut it into whatever shape your heart desires.