The Oishii Sando by Susannah Montgomery

Winning Designer: Susannah Montgomery – The Soho Sandwich Co

Sandwich Name: The Oishii Sando

The Japanese word ‘oishii’ means ‘delicious’ & ‘tasty’ and there’s no better way to describe the winner of the H. Smith Category. With lime, miso mayonnaise and edamame crush creating depth of flavour, The Oishii Sando was described as incredibly moreish by judges.


60g H. Smith – Steamed Cooked Whole Fillet Breast
2 Slices Black Sesame Coated Thick Milk Bread
15g Miso & Lime Mayonnaise
40g Edamame Bean & Spring Onion Crush
3 Slices Pickled Carrot Ribbons

Additional Ingredient Info:

Japanese word ‘Oishii’ meaning ‘delicious’ and ‘tasty’.

Miso & Lime Mayo

Salty and moreish with a citrus kick.

Edamame Bean & Spring Onion Crush

The edamame beans are blitzed to a paste and mixed with a small amount of mayonnaise to bind them together.

Pickled Carrot

The pickled carrot is lightly pickled in a mixture of rice wine vinegar, a touch of lime juice and sesame oil.

Method or Assembly Order:

  • Lightly butter the milk bread on the inside and leave the outside coated in sesame seeds
  • Spread the miso & lime mayonnaise over the bottom slice of bread
  • Place chicken slices flat on top of the mayonnaise leaving no overlap
  • Spread the edamame mix on the top slice of bread
  • Lay pickled carrot ribbons flat across the chicken slices in opposite directions
  • Place the top slice of bread onto the carrot ribbons
  • Remove the crust from both slices of bread
  • Cut in half, cutting across the carrot ribbons and in the same direction as the chicken slices
  • Serve side by side, with the long edge meeting in the middle to present the layers