The Poacher’s Pocket by Catherine Farrell

Winning Designer: Catherine Farrell – Greencore

Sandwich Name: The Poacher’s Pocket

Catherine’s indulgent entry into the Sandwich & Food to Go Designer of the Year competition earned her the win in the Mission Foods Chocolate Flavour Vegan Tortilla category.


1 Mission Foods – Chocolate Flavour Vegan Tortilla
30g Venison Jus Mayonnaise
35g Blackberry & Juniper Chutney
50g Seared Venison Steak
40g Shoestring Potato & Nettle Fries
10g Lambs Lettuce
10g Pickled Walnuts

Additional Ingredient Info:

Based on the classic pairing of venison and chocolate.

Method or Assembly Order:

Spread Blackberry Chutney
Spread Venison Jus Mayo
Place Venison on Chutney
Place Fries on Jus Mayo
Place Lettuce on Fries
Fold in half over ingredients
Fold in half again