To Dunk or Not to Dunk?

Dunking a sandwich may sound strange, right? However, it could just be the culinary revelation that you’ve been waiting for. Dunking is a fantastic technique for enhancing the flavour and texture of your sarnie – the bread will absorb some of the sauce, adding moisture and making it softer, whilst the addition of a soup or sauce can result in some quite extraordinary taste sensations.

Obviously the sandwich and sauce you choose to experiment with will depend on your personal preference, but here are just a few of our favourite dunking combinations that you might like to try…

Cheese sandwich/toastie with tomato soup

A cheese sandwich (toasted or not – you choose!) paired with tomato soup is a classic culinary combination. The creamy, tangy notes of the tomato soup complement the savoury richness of the cheese toastie, resulting in a new dimension of flavour with every bite.

This classic combo is a must-try if you haven’t already!, Next time you find yourself with a bowl of tomato soup, grab a cheese sandwich, dunk it in, and you’ll never look back. 

Chicken wrap dunked in Caesar sauce

Who doesn’t love a chicken Caesar salad? Well, it’s even better in wrap form paired with a bowl of Caesar sauce.

The combination of tender chicken wrapped in a soft tortilla and the creamy, tangy flavour of Caesar sauce creates a truly mouth-watering experience. Dunking the wrap allows you to control the amount of sauce in each and every bite, ensuring a perfect balance of flavour and texture.

Prawn mayo sandwich dunked in Thousand Island sauce 

Imagine tucking into a delicious prawn cocktail but in sandwich form! 

Think succulent prawns mixed with creamy mayo wedged between two slices of thick bread and paired with the tangy, sweet flavour of Thousand Island sauce – satisfying and delicious. 

The rich Thousand Island sauce perfectly complements the sweet prawns, creating a flavour explosion on your palate. Try adding some salad to your sandwich to recreate the classic flavours of a prawn cocktail.

Roast beef sandwich dunked in gravy

Who doesn’t love a hearty roast beef sandwich nestled between two slices of bread? Now imagine your beautiful beef butty dipped into a rich, succulent gravy – yum!

The bread soaks up the juicy goodness of the gravy, while the beef absorbs the flavours, resulting in an altogether more flavourful sandwich. This combination also works well with a roast beef baguette – the inside of the bread soaks up the moisture whilst keeping that all-important crunch on the outside.

Chicken sandwich dunked in curry sauce 

Have you ever tried dunking your chicken sandwich into curry sauce?

The sweet and spicy curry sauce coating the bread and chicken creates an explosion of flavour. This combination perfectly represents British culinary culture and is a must-try for curry sauce enthusiasts.

There’s never been a better time to try dunking your favourite sandwich in a sauce, dressing, or soup to add extra flavours and textures. Whatever you decide to experiment with, we hope you enjoy it!