What are the five types of sandwiches? 

Love sandwiches? You’re in good company. The nation’s enduring attachment to sarnies is one of the reasons why British Sandwich Week takes place, with the annual seven-day celebration, organised by the British Sandwich & Food to Go Association, rejoicing in the British devotion to butties. And in 2023, sandwiches no longer have to be simply made from two slices of white or brown bread – they can be anything from clubs to subs, wraps, rolls, baguettes, baps, bagels, toasties, pittas, and paninis.   

The diverse variety of what can be classed as a sandwich was highlighted in this year’s Sandwich & Food to Go Industry Awards – affectionately known as The Sammies – which featured adventurous creations including everything from popcorn subs to creamy cheese all-butter croissant French toast.  

So, here are five of our favourite different types of sandwiches… 

Bagel you say  

Whether you want to travel to New York and back in a bite or prefer simple fillings, a bagel is the ideal carrier to choose for your sarnie! The classic New York-style sandwich features a toasted bagel filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, and red onions. Another popular option is the breakfast bagel sandwich, which typically includes eggs, bacon, and cheese on a toasted bagel. 

Bagel sandwiches are a great option for those looking for a quick, easy, and satisfying meal that can be eaten on the go and enjoyed at any time of the day. With so many different options to choose from, it’s easy to see why bagel sandwiches are such a popular choice. 

Croissants – let’s go French 

As showcased at this year’s Sammies, croissants are increasing in popularity as a sandwich carrier, making a downright delicious, buttery butty treat. Eleny Minto’s winning creation, filled with creamy whipped feta with honey and thyme baked peaches, crystallised pistachios, rocket, and a drizzle of honey in between all-butter croissant French toast, makes us hungry just thinking about it! 

Croissant sandwiches are undoubtedly a delicious option for breakfast, lunch, or simply a snack. What could be more tempting than a flaky, buttery croissant stuffed with your favourite filling – whether that be traditional fillings like ham and cheese, turkey and avocado, and bacon and egg, or something more adventurous like Eleny’s ‘Just Peachy’. 

One of the great things about croissant sandwiches is their versatility. They’re equally delicious served warm, toasted ,or cold, making them perfect for any time of day.  

Wrap it up this lunchtime 

It’s official – wraps are sandwiches too! Made by wrapping different fillings in a tortilla or flatbread, this versatile style of sandwich is a great option for those who want a quick, easy, satisfying meal. Why not try experimenting with different types of tortillas and flatbreads to add a touch of variety to your lunchtime sustenance? 

Wrap sandwiches are one of the easiest types of sarnie to eat on the go. Rather than simply rolling your filling up in the wrap, with a bit of clever folding you can give your sandwich an enclosed bottom to prevent your filling from falling out, making it a portable and convenient snack that can be easily consumed on the go – a great option for busy days, lunch on the run, and packed lunches alike. 

Let’s roll… 

Whether you call it a bap, barm, roll, sub, barmcake, batch, cob, or stotty, a bread roll is, and forever will be, a favourite with British sandwich eaters.  

Try filling a roll with super-fresh summery ingredients for a light picnic lunch or use it as the carrier for a breakfast made for a king, complete with eggs, bacon, and all the trimmings. 

With a vast array of bread rolls to choose from, including white, wheat, sourdough and subs, there really is something to suit every taste. And the possibilities for fillings are endless. Popular options include deli meats, cheese, and vegetables, but there are no hard and fast rules here, so give your creativity full reign and see what you come up with. One word of warning, though: be sure not to overstuff as this can make it difficult to eat, especially if you choose a crusty roll! 

The traditional sarnie 

With so many other options available nowadays, has the traditional sandwich become something of a basic option? We don’t think so! The humble sandwich, constructed from two slices of bread and elevated with just a few premium ingredients, still retains the power to impress. Theo Randall, British chef and regular judge at The Sammies, has previously commented that his all-time favourite sandwich is nothing too fancy; simply two thick slices of homemade bread with a delicious ham and mustard filling. 

If you’re short on time and budget, a sandwich is the perfect go-to solution – all you really need is two slices of bread, a layer of butter, spread or mayonnaise, your choice of filling and you’re ready to go. Despite its apparent simplicity, the humble sandwich can be surprisingly versatile. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different breads, spreads, fillings and condiments – you might be surprised just what you can create when you set your mind to it!