What is a Sandwich?

The British Sandwich Association defines a sandwich as: Any form of bread with a filling, generally assembled cold – to include traditional wedge sandwiches, as well as filled rolls, baguettes, pitta, bloomers, wraps and bagels.

Sarnies are triangles right? – Wrong!

Around 57% of all commercially bought sandwiches are made with traditional square sandwich bread.

Wraps account for about 5% of all sandwich sales in major retailers. The big new thing with wraps has been the hot wrap, with a number of new products being launched recently. They really do taste great hot!

Panini sandwiches are also gaining in popularity – last year their sales rose by 14% in major retailers, although they still only account for around 2% of sandwich sales.

Baguettes are also popular accounting for around 10% of commercially made sandwiches.

There is much debate as to what constitutes a sandwich but burgers and other associate products are not considered to be a sandwich