You’re Bacon Miso Bananas by Catherine Fleetwood

Winning Designer: Catherine Fleetwood – Greencore

Sandwich Name: You’re Bacon Miso Bananas

Catherine’s extraordinary sandwich demonstrated innovation at its best, with unusual flavours arranged together with unrivalled precision and skill, earning her the title of Sandwich & Food to Go Designer of the Year for 2022.


40g Danish Crown – Pre Cooked Bacon
40g Malted Cream Cheese
60g Caramelised Bananas
1 tbsp Caramelised Rice Puffs
25g Miso Caramel
2 slices Black Sesame French Toast

Additional Ingredient Info:

Malted Cream Cheese

Made with cream cheese, malt powder and icing sugar.

Caramelised Bananas

Made with banana slices caramelised in caster sugar.

Miso Caramel

Made with sugar, cream, butter and miso paste.

Black Sesame French Toast

Shokupan milk bread soaked in an egg, cream and vanilla batter, sprinkled with black sesame seeds and fried.

Method or Assembly Order:

Keep the bacon, bananas, french toast and caramel warm.


  • Brush the bacon with maple syrup
  • Bake for 10 minutes at 180c until dark and crispy

Malted Cream Cheese

  • Mix 100g cream cheese with 5g malt powder and 10g icing sugar
  • Combine until smooth


  • Slice 2 bananas on an angle
  • Melt 10g of butter in a frying pan
  • Sprinkle a layer of sugar on the pan
  • Add the bananas and cook until caramelised on both sides

Caramelised Rice Puffs

  • Melt 10g of butter in a frying pan
  • Sprinkle a layer of sugar on the pan
  • Add the rice puffs and cook until the sugar has melted
  • Stir through the rice puffs and add a pinch of salt

Miso Caramel

  • Melt 75g sugar in a small pan until dark golden brown
  • Stir in 75g of cream until combined
  • Stir in 15g butter and 5g miso paste

Black Sesame French Toast

  • Mix together 1 egg, 40ml cream and 1 drop of vanilla to form a batter
  • Dip 2 slices of shokupan into the batter and sprinkle the surface with black sesame seeds
  • Melt 10g butter in a frying pan on a low to medium heat
  • Fry the slices for 3-4 minutes until golden brown


  • Place 1 slice of french toast on a plate
  • Add the malted cream cheese
  • Add a layer of bacon then a layer of bananas
  • Spread the caramel on the top slice of bread
  • Add the top slice of bread and slice in half